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Art Status:
Current Tasks:
Rumi (MGQ) Punching a wooden plank in half (Shading) 87.5%

In queue:

Requests: Will only be accepted on the conditions that you can sell the concept to me hard enough and I'm very passionate about said concept.
Art Trades: Always open. Art for art? Yes please. :heart:

Bust/Portrait - $10 AUD / $7.50 USD
Naturally, just a drawing of the head, neck, shoulders and maybe the upper chest region.

Half Body - $15 AUD / $12.50 USD
The body from the head all the way up to the upper legs. (Yay for schoolgirl-type skirts)

Full Body - $20 AUD / $17.50 USD
Full body, including background if wanted.

Lineart only - Prices above minus $1 AUD / $0.75 USD
Here's an option if you don't like my stupid colouring.

Additional characters - Prices above plus $7.50 AUD / $5 USD per character

R-18+ commissions are available
However, I must agree with the idea that is presented of course, and I will price accordingly. (Will be more a little more expensive than listed above)
They will be posted on my pixiv as well, since dA's rules say no to such things.

I will not draw:
Yaoi (Sorry, but I know I would feel uncomfortable doing this)
Guro (There's a reason why my pixiv is set to hide all R-18G content)
There's probably something I've missed that I won't do but I'll tell you if I don't like it.

All payments are to be paid through PayPal, note me if you're interested.


It's 2016 already?

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 5, 2016, 6:58 AM

Modifying this thing took work

Hi everyone.
It's been a very long time since I made a journal here, I think the last one was for the dA questionnaire.

What to say... I hope everyone's having a good new year so far and that they've made progress towards their resolutions that they may have made last year.
As for me, I have not been doing much. Final Fantasy XIV takes up most of my time, having to manage two characters, one being my main R'lasha on Tonberry and my alt Yukikaze on Midgardsormr so I can play with the friends I've made through this site.
I've been looking for jobs regarding administration and the like with no luck so far. It's only been 3 months since I really started looking, so I look forward to the time when someone notices me. Not to mention that my university course doesn't have anything to do with it.

I've been dabbling a little into art when I feel like it, but the art I'm making is R-18 and not suitable for deviantART. I'm also uploading what I do to Tumblr and Pixiv, so if you want to know about that, look for me there. I might draw a shot from the back of Yukikaze taking a shower from the waist up as my next thing to submit here. The current one that I'm working on will be on Pixiv and is one of a follow up edit to another drawing I made, with significant changes.
I feel like I've fallen behind in the amount of art I'm making, with Rodie-the-Nightblade and SimirrorofShadows drawing way more than I am.

I also gained 5kg from the Christmas/New Year's week. I should really start exercising but my sleep pattern feels like it's a few naps of two hours each and a long one of six hours. It's also been pretty hot here in Australia, being at least 30C every day and maxing 41C. That doesn't help the chances of exercising either.

I plan on keeping improving my art and one day to make a game with some of my friends. I'd like to work with a group of friends on a project and be our own bosses. I have a few ideas at a game, but I don't have any real experience making games with things other than Game Maker from high school. My course at university was all about the theory of Game Design and Development so I didn't actually get much experience making a game. I did however realise that I want to go down the art and design aspect of game making instead of programming. I should go get RPG Maker or something. Maybe I'll do something as good as Monster Girl Quest one day. Haha, I doubt it.

Anything else....? Not really. Feel free to comment here or wherever you find me.
Anyway, have a good year... I guess. I'm not sure when I'm going to update this next.

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  • Listening to: FFXIV Before the Fall Soundtrack
  • Watching: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure + other stuff
  • Playing: Final Fantasy XIV


Chris V
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Aliases: LycanWerewolf, Rilasha

Personality traits (triggered upon awakening from sleep):
Clueless Airhead who says things innocently but can be taken in a perverted context. (80% chance)
Serious Tsundere who is angry towards a lot of the people conversing with. (20% chance)
Shy, clueless almost silent person who never initiates conversation. (Triggered upon not having any close friends or family nearby in public)

Unique Skill: Copycat

The Copycat skill is a passive skill that allows the user to copy everything witnessed up to the user's skill level. This is including but not limited to personality traits, actions and skills.

Abilities obtained by Copycat:
Feminine personality
Ambidextrous (mostly left side proficient with writing right handed)
Mimicking many poses from games and anime.

Future Aspirations: Be a successful creator of games, primarily in terms of character design and art.
Wants to: Get a girlfriend, Cosplay and Crossplay (see Copycat).
Interests: League of Legends, Final Fantasy, Winged Humanoid creatures (such as Succubi, Angels etc), Cats, Nine-Tailed Foxes.
Fears: Death (primarily by drowning or other forms of asphyxiation), spiders
Strengths: Absolutely nothing.
Weaknesses: Cigarette smoke.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Riot, because without my obsession for Ahri, I'd have probably gone insane by now. Ahri is essentially all that has kept me completely sane since early 2012.


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